Supported Memory Cards for lost video, photo and audio recovery

Memory cards including miniSD, microSD, SD card, multimedia card, Sony memory card, XD picture card, SmartMedia, etc are used widespread to organize and store photos, videos, and audio files. These card acting as compact storage device lets user store number of files and they are kept stored within the memory card unless user himself transfer them to another storage device or delete them. But memory cards are prone to fault. Hence many of the users often experience data loss problems in flash storage card.

These compact memory cards are frequently used in varieties of digital camera, iPhone, iPods, and other multimedia gadgets. However photos, videos or audio files can be accidentally deleted from the memory card while creating space on the memory card or copying these video or audio files to computer hard drive. Moreover the memory card can also get corrupt and under such circumstances, no files from the card including photos, videos or audio files can be accessed from the card. If you are using Canon digital camera and you unfortunately your memory card becomes inaccessible then you should immediately go for Canon camera recovery to recover your lost photos and other data files.

All the digital camera captures different type of image file such as .jpg, jpeg, .tiff, .cr2, .nef and so on. In order to store these images, the camera use specific kind of memory cards like XD, SD, MMC, Memory Stick etc. In case, you delete picture from your camera, then you can restore deleted photos from digital camera with the help of recovery software.

Memory card damage or corruption is possible to be encountered because of human mistakes such as memory card ejected from the card while any process is being done on the card. Additionally memory card also turns corrupt in case if files from the memory card are transferred to the system that is already corrupt and therefore as an influence, memory card is turned corrupt. Being unrecognized by the digital camera, the memory card shows unknown error message on the screen and unless the card gets format the error keeps blinking upon the card screen. But once user format the card, it eliminates entire files from the card.

Here calls for the recovery necessity. Memory card recovery software is also capable to perform video recovery including .3gp, .asf, .dvx, .flv, .mov, .mp4, .mpeg, .wmv, .mod, .mkv , etc.

The software provides photos recovery from memory cards such as

  • Flash drive
  • XD card
  • SmartMedia
  • SD Card
  • Memory Stick
  • MiniSD card
  • CompactFlash
  • Mini Disks


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